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9H Ceramic Coating

Car Care with Exotic CrystalShield Ceramic Coating

Car care is essential as you make an investment in your vehicle. With our wide range of car care services, you get the showroom finish with your car anytime and every time we detail it for you.

9H Ceramic Coating

For car enthusiasts concerned with paint protection & correction, CrystalShield 9H Ceramic Coating for Cars is in high demands. Giving an impeccable mirror gloss effect, it comes with a promising guarantee of lasting up to 2 – 6 years. It’s hydrophobic – water repellant technology makes detailing effortless & shields the car from weather adversities.

The 9H ceramic coating forms a protective film of 9H Hardness with multiple layers on the clear coat of the car to protect the original paint. Besides this, it makes car paint safe from harmful sun rays, UV radiations, acid rain, salt, dirt, bird droppings, air pollution and more.

With best in business Rupes DA polishers with advance technology compounds which unlike traditional rotary polisher cut minimal to renew the paint. It gives NEW LOOK TO PAINTED SURFACES by repairing the scratches, swirls marks, dullness, etc. Read the nitty-gritty of CrystalShield ceramic coating.

10H Ceramic Coating

10H Ceramic Coating derives all the goodness of 9H plus offers a protective film of most hardness. It gives the thickest coat and glossiest finish to car paints. Car detailers are crushing over CrystalShield 10H Ceramic Coating as it offers maximum paint protection, anti-scratch feature and radiant paint-finish any car enthusiast is looking for. Car wash literally feels like breeze after our ceramic coating services.

Exterior Premium Wash with Vacuuming

Get your car a high gloss foaming and shampooing along with the steam washing that opens the pores of your car paint and cleanses the dirt from the deepest. Not just the outer body of car but we also steam clean your car’s parts which everybody neglects like rubber beadings, dashboard, AC vents, Trims, Tires, seats, foot mats and also vacuuming the car interiors.

In short a perfect wash Inside-Out that leaves pristine clean, high shine and glossy look on your car.


Polishing & Waxing

Often just a wash is not enough to give that perfect look. So, to produce that even tone look which rectifies the minor scratches and other minor marks on the car’s paint surface, polishing is required. We use Italian and German best polishing chemicals for that. To make it water resistance for short period of time, we do waxing using the high quality & imported waxes. Wax applied on your car reflects UV rays and helps to save color fading (but for shorter time). If you are looking for a long term solution, you should opt for CrystalShield Ceramic Coating, Learn More about the service.

Decontamination & paint surface refinement

This is a dedicated paint correction service that is fully focused on achieving flawless, smooth and even tone paint surface. It rectifies all the ill-effects of Sunlight, UV radiation, acid rain, salt and minerals deposit, dirt, bird dropping, tree sap, air pollution etc.

It is a 6 steps process that includes,

1. Claying
2. Iron Removal
3. Sanding
4. Compounding
5. Polishing & Finishing
6. Sealing the finish with paint sealant

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Intensive Interior Cleaning

Uses steam vapour, vacuuming & relevant chemicals to make a car germ free leaving fragrance of purity.

Cleaning car’s interior isn’t just about the vacuuming. We call it INTENSIVE interior cleaning for a reason. We do this service with our latest equipment like Metrovac vacuum cleaner with special detailing attachments, Steam Vapour machine, Lather Foam Machine, Spray Extraction Machine & Bio Degradable cleaners gives an intensive cleaning to all rubber beading’s, seat (fabric, leather) belts, A.C. Vents, dash board console carpets, ceiling, door jambs, dicky & all rubber and fabric mats making car “Germ Free”. U.V. protection dressing to all vinyl, plastic, rubber giving your car spotless, shiny, glossy interior.

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Ozone Air Purification – Anti Bacterial and Germ Free Interiors

Removes heavy smells like smoking, puke, cow dung, food, any kind of spillage & sterilises it.

The car is being treated with OZONE AIR PURIFIER after interior cleaning making it germ free. It STERILIZES interior and help purify the air quality and remove any odour in car cabin thus helping you to prevent any health risk. As Ozone gas is used in sterilising, it is called Ozone Treatment.

9H Ceramic Coating

Leather Conditioning

Prevention is always better than cure.
All car interiors need regular care but interiors with genuine leather seats need something extra because leather is prone to cracks, germs attack, bad odor etc. And once the damage has been done, it is hard to get that smooth and new look back.

To prevent from such damages, get Genuine Leather Conditioning for your leather seats.

Head Light Restoration

Removes scratches, haziness, oxidation and pollution from headlight and increase visibility and looks

Headlight restoration is the act of refinishing aged headlight, succumbed to oxidation and environmental hazards of travel, weather and exposure to chemicals. CAUSING REDUCED NIGHT TIME VISIBILITY. A new, innovative system for refinishing weathered and scratched plastic and poly carbonate lenses.


 Car Care Services, Carzspa, Surat  Car Care Services, Carzspa, Surat


Alloy Wheel Polishing

Alloy wheels are degreased, cleaned and treated with specialty chemicals to free them from iron deposits. It is then polished to restore gloss and coated with sealants to protect it from further deterioration.

Glass Treatment

Increases quality of vision by removing fume films, scratches. water and dust repellent.

A treatment that removes fume film and light scratches, and largely improves the quality of night vision and overall visibility. cuts glare of on-coming headlights. Also acts as a water and dust repellent and improve visibility during rain. Beads water, One coat lasts up to a year. Technology used is called “Anti Glare and Nano glass coating”

Recommended to people

Who drive a lot, have quite old car, drives on highway almost everyday, lives in metro city or a city with high pollution or simply a car lover who wants perfectly maintained car.



These are the pictures of a car that needed glass treatment thoroughly and this awesome result has been produced by our Bangalore franchisee “Deepak CarzSpa”


Water Spot Removal

Does your watchman or scoffer washes your car? Ever happened that you had to wash your car with hard water or water with more tds content in it? Do you see water marks on your car’s paint and glasses?

Then you need this treatment. We remove these marks

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