Intensive Interior Cleaning

Intensive Interior Cleaning, car interiors before after

Uses steam vapour, vacuuming & relevant chemicals to make a car germ free leaving fragrance of purity.

Cleaning car’s interior isn’t just about the vacuuming. We call it INTENSIVE interior cleaning for a reason. We do this service with our latest equipment like Metrovac vacuum cleaner with special detailing attachments, Steam Vapour machine, Lather Foam Machine, Spray Extraction Machine & Bio Degradable cleaners gives an intensive cleaning to all rubber beading’s, seat (fabric, leather) belts, A.C. Vents, dash board console carpets, ceiling, door jambs, dicky & all rubber and fabric mats making car “Germ Free”. U.V. protection dressing to all vinyl, plastic, rubber giving your car spotless, shiny, glossy interior.

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