Largest Network of Car Detailing Franchise, India

Owning Car Detailing Franchise in India is no less than an untapped treasure these days. The passion for a car is the first side of the coin while car care is the flips side. Auto Detailing Business Opportunities are flourishing like anything and if you think you are made for the detailing world then we welcome you to India’s largest network of Car Spa Franchise.

New cars are hitting the road by 10% increase every year & nearly 2 Lac Cars get on the road every month. You can assume the benefit you can reap with Auto Detailing Franchise after looking at the whopping figures. We also have a class of car enthusiasts who think maintaining a car is cheaper than buying new after particular intervals.
Car Detailing Franchise is a business that never goes out of style. It is a business which serves as a reliable source for all types of car owners, regardless of the brand they own!

What makes a Car Spa Franchise stand out?

Car Spa Franchise is no less than a second home for car care. Car Detailing is Car Care which is not received as expected from the jiffy garages. Also, your expensive car brought at a Car Spa Franchise will be handled professionally, not because you are paying for it, but because there are experienced professionals to detail it tactfully. Internationally recognized brands products which are technically formulated are utilized exclusive car care products are used for detailing. Not just the right products but the tactics to use it matter a lot & professional car detailing spots don’t stand out just like that. This is what assembles for Car Care Franchise must-haves.

With our Car Detailing Franchise, you can offer in-demand and trending facilities to car enthusiasts by choosing from a wide range of franchise opportunities:

Ceramic coating franchisee | 10H ceramic coating franchisee | 9H ceramic coating franchisee | Crystal Shield franchisee | Paint Protection Film franchisee


Join the Professional Detailers Clan & take your passion forward with India’s Fastest Growing CarzSpa Franchisee.

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A Brief about Auto Detailing Franchise – CarzSpa

CarzSpa, being one of the best & trusted Auto Detailing Franchise, India, focuses on everything encompassing the detailing world. We stand as a Pioneer when it comes to a chain of successful and professional car detailing studios in India for a Decade. The name is enough when it comes to owning the largest army of detailing studios nationwide. We feel proud in making an irreplaceable place as India’s only Detailing Brand who serves globally in countries like Oman, Bhutan & Kenya.

Our Franchisee Studio Infra-Interior

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Get in our Car Detailers’ Club & Transform your Passion for Cars into Profession

Franchisee Investment & Requirements

When it comes to joining Car Detailers’ Club, we are proud to find a place as a trustworthy and reliable brand. Over the years we have developed a business model that is most practical in terms of investment and return on investment as well! As proof, we have 60+ successfully running franchisees nationwide. If you too see a future in the car detailing industry, make sure about its success. The most trusted way towards success is to be branded, expertise and backed up with a strong team.

Car Care Services, Carzspa, Surat

Stand Alone Studio

1200 to 1800 sq ft

Car Care Services, Carzspa, Surat

Flag Ship Studio

2000 to 2500 sq. ft

Car Care Services, Carzspa, Surat


Main road

Car Care Services, Carzspa, Surat


Posh Area

Car Care Services, Carzspa, Surat


4 to 5 people

Rupes Bigfoot – Made in Italy

An easy, revolutionary and complete polishing system from Italy. Light in weight, learning is as easy as of a single day, no prior detailing skills required . Check out more about the product and brand here. With it AnyBody Can Detail.

CrystalShield – A Japanese Technology

Unlike other coatings that are developed for the western countries that have poles apart climatic conditions and public practices to deal with car cleaning from India, we developed and formulated a 9H ceramic coating in Japan with other Japanese researcher specially for India. And because it makes a strong shield of Crystals (Chemical Structure) over a car’s clear coat, we named it CrystalShield.

Who can become Car Care Franchisee?

CarzSpa – Car Care Franchisee is always preferred as a business for life by people from all walks of life.

Many of our mates think that to set up such kind of business, one must be from an automotive background! But this is not the case with CarzSpa. The PASSION for Cars and detailing is the driving force which keeps you going.

With a well experienced HO team, well-known brand name, business strategies, and human-friendly technologies, anybody can detail. But just like us if you too get hurt when someone calls it “Car Wash” (ouch!), congratulations! You are a perfect fit for our passionate detailers’ club. CarzSpa business demands full devotion of a franchisee owner if that is possible; becoming a successful Car Detailing franchisee is possible too.

Vellore CarzSpa Franchisee owner

Continuous tech. support, management assistance and tremendous quest in product R&D helps us stay ahead of competition. ~ Former Training Manager, Luxury Cruise

Sudakar Papana

Surat CarzSpa franchisee owner

Being into automotive, I clubbed detailing service with it. I am happily earning lots of bucks since 10 years with CarzSpa. ~ Past & Current DSA for car finance and other retail financial products

Ketan Shah

Nikol,A'bad CarzSpa franchisee owner

My passion for cars and detailing dragged me in this field. Being new, I blindly trusted CarzSpa to help me setup this business. Now, I am a full time expert detailer.  ~ Former Interior Designer

Hitesh Panchani

CarzSpa Bhubaneswar Franchisee

All men love cars, I was no different. With my 2 partners, I followed my heart and jumped into detailing with most trusted brand. Feels awesome ~ Corporate Employee (Cement industry)

Ritweek Ray

At every step, we are with you.

Choosing best location

As they say, “Our business place is one of our partner that generates revenue for us”. We make our vast experience handy to our franchisee owners to choose the best location for CarzSpa business.  Locations could be owned property or rented ones.

Layout/design by our Architect

No need to spend time on thinking interior design. We have professionals to compass you with infrastructure & interiors based on scientific approach including lighting, colours, fittings etc. Just sit back and relax while we design for you.

Detailed guidelines to setup outlet

As you hold our hand as brand, our lovely team helps you at every step of setting up outlet. We have pictorial guides, charts, photographs & blue prints that give you detailed idea on how your studio should be and why!

Professional Business Training + Man power Training

Car detailing is not mere operating machines! There is a science behind every detailing product/machine, we make you learn from the core. Our motto is to educate you on providing quality that earns you money, fame & respect.

Media/Design Support

We cannot imagine our business without using banners, advertisements, posters, vouchers, coupons etc and all of these needs a design. We save lot of money of our franchisees by providing them this support FREE of cost!

Assistance in setting up online presence

Virtual world has taken us all over. Lack of online presence is like opening up a business but not letting anyone know about it! We create a perfect online platform for our franchisees to reach prospects timely.


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