CrystalShield – Best ceramic coating for cars

CarzSpa CrystalShield Ceramic Coating for cars is an exclusively formulated ceramic coating to protect cars from Indian Climate. What makes CrystalShield stand out is the Japanese 3D Nano Technology formula.

CarzSpa CrystalShield is a 9H Ceramic Coating that works at the Nano-microscopic level, penetrating the deep, porous structure of clear coat of car paint. Sealing and strengthening the surface structure with the next-gen process of 3D Matrix Liquid Glass Hardening Engineering, CrystalShield Ceramic Coating for cars ensures a protective film which infinitesimally bonds with the surface all the way to its root and increases complete structural volume, density, and 9H hardness.

Setting the instance of a superlative hydrophobic coating, CrystalShield for Cars ensures effortless car detailing. It is tested and proved 9H Ceramic Coating for Cars which lasts longer than any other protective coatings in the market.


9H Ceramic Coating – CrystalShield for Indian Cars

9H Ceramic Coating for Cars is an all-rounder when it comes to protection against anything which snatches away the original beauty of cars. When a protective film of 9H Hardness shields your car, it repels several factors affecting the car like UV rays, acid rain, grimes, scratches & more.

CrystalShield 9H Ceramic Coating is formulated to keep your car scratch resistant so nothing can damage your paint. This one of its kind ceramic coating for cars is also chemical resistant and has self-cleaning abilities, thanks to 3D Nano Technology. Restoring the showroom finish, it gives a deep gloss which lasts longer than similar products available in the market.

10H Ceramic Coating -Ultimate Car Shield

10H Ceramic Coating is one of the best shields with promising thickness desired by detailers. Any car enthusiast willing for unique glossy durability and anti-scratch effect always opts for an extra mile effort and this ceramic coating for cars is the best one you can have right now.

Experience car paints like never before with technologically improved CrystalShield 10H Ceramic Coating which is super shiny mirror-finish & gives super water-repellant capabilities to the car paint. Keeping the original car paint intact, CrystalShield Ceramic Coating gives a radiant finish. Thus, every car wash then gets to be a hassle-free care routine.

CrystalShield Ceramic Coated Cars done at various CarzSpa Studios

Car Care Services, Carzspa, Surat
Car Care Services, Carzspa, Surat

CrystalShield is an exclusive CarzSpa product, specially developed for India and we welcome franchisees for it. Read More

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